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For this goal, we offer instructions step by step, adapted to your situation.

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We propose a personalized plan for eight objectives

Finghoud instructed Ivan how much and when to postpone and what to do with the deferred money. He said how much you can spend a day and a week, control spending.


Marina set the goal to save up for the down payment. Finghoud picked up a profitable mortgage and helped save 52 thousand due to a competent tax deduction. With a family income of 9 000 Marina for 14 months has accumulated 40 thousand for a contribution.

Real estate

With Finghud Katya saved up 1 500 euro. A month to travel around Europe. Correctly used cashback, paid them 70% of the cost of air tickets. Accumulated 5 000 euro. Spent on living and entertainment.


Oleg had a debt on consumer credit. By instructions he was able to raise the credit rating from 450 to 600 points, refinanced the loan at a rate of 5% - saved 8 000 euro. Oleg's family has learned to control and distribute spending and live without loans.

debt reimbursement

Jack counted and decided that he would not be able to live normally on the state. Pension. Fingood built Jack an individual pension savings program. He postpones on 500 euro. A month to 55 years to live on 70% of their current standard of living, not working.


Elvira did not want to take out a loan for repairs. At Finghoud, every day, she noted how much she spent all money, followed the instructions for savings, and was able to postpone 43 000 in 4 months to repair the apartment.

House repairing

Natalia began saving for MacBook. Finghoud gave instructions on how much and when to postpone. He said how much you can spend a day and a week, control spending. After 5 months Natalia bought a new MacBook with a salary of 4 000 euro

Electronic devices

Plan Sergei estimated that in 6 months. He will be able to accumulate an amount equal to his three monthly salaries. Sergei received instructions on how to save the necessary amount, began to track the result. Now he is not afraid of losing his job or breaking the car.

Financial pillow
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Establish your aim, fill your profile and choose your saving speed.
We build your financial personal plan and help you online to deal with your expenses online, in order to not get away from your goal.
Once a week we discuss by phone, follow your results and adjust the plan.
Every day we give you recommeandations and reminders by sms and mail. Thanks to this, you will stay on rail.
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5 experts from different industries write practical advices for you in order to reach your goal faster:

they are an advocate, a real estate agent, an auto center broker, a travel agency director, an online shop director.

Andrei Suvorov

Independent financial

Mirmand Pierre-Guillaume

5 years experience in financial consulting at «Société Générale»

Natalia Koshkina

She created a unique financial discipline system

50 euro
  • Individual financial plan
  • Online analytical accounting tool
  • Selection of financial products
290 euro
149 euro
  • Individual financial plan
  • Online analytical accounting tool
  • Selection of financial product
  • SMS and mail support.
Toyota Camry car
"I tried to save by my own, but it was very slow. That’s why I tried FinGood in order to get saving instructions for a car. That simple expenses control system helped me to count without tedious accounting. Result: I saved the necessary sum in 14 months with a 1700 euro wage".
Flat repair
"We saved, but we had a constant desire of spending everything». Together, with FinGood, Tatiana and Nicolas creates a financial amortization, found new income sources and could save for their flat’s maintenance, after 5 months with a common wage of 2600 euro.
Tatiana and Nicolas
Washing machine
"I didn’t want to make any credit, because I constantly had unexpected expenses, that consumed all my savings». FinGood helped to regulate Marina’s expenses with online accounting system. Result: Marina could save for her washing machine two months after she subscribed, with a 1100 euro wage.